Ask yourself these simple questions:

• Would you like to see your staff excited about their work?

• Would you like to see your staff desiring to learn more in order to better serve your patients?

• Would you like to see Qualitative as well as Quantitative growth in your practice?

• Would you like to see your staff educated, motivated, and empowered to provide your patients a higher level of care and personal service?

• Would you like your practice to stand out in your community as the unquestioned leader in visual care and service?

• Would you like to see ongoing continuity in patient care and quality service when the inevitable staff turnover occurs?

• Would you like to see a program in place that would educate and train new opticians quickly and efficiently in order to avoid downtime and minimize mistakes when staff turnover occurs?

 "Doctors and dispensaries are regularly losing significant revenue due to in-office dispensing and ordering errors. Having been in the optical industry for most of my life, what I have seen since opening Optic Blue has been an eye-opener, and has convinced me of the need for a comprehensive in-office education program for our industry."

- Optic Blue founder and President, Jason Blue

In response to this need, Optic Blue has introduced Optical Accelerator—a comprehensive educational program unlike anything seen in the industry before. 

"Initially, we spend time with the doctor and staff to determine their current needs.  We discuss pressing needs that must be addressed immediately, and the general direction they want to take the business over the long term. We then formulate a program specifically designed for each practice to develop informed, skilled staff members with product understanding and sales skills that better enable them to assist their patients with lens, coating, and frame choices.  We find in most cases, when these skills are developed, it simultaneously reduces many costly ordering errors and increases sales of premium products." 

"We have just completed three new presentations that I believe to be crucial to the continued success and survival of the independent Optometrist and Optician:" 

• Pitfalls: Common Mistakes Seen at the Lab

• Helping Chain Stores Succeed

• Burning Money - Missed Opportunities

This series will be added to those already developed covering such topics as lensometer skills, lens materials, designs, and coatings, frame styling, frame adjusting, and more.  Most sessions are taught in-office by Wes Palmer, a certified optician with over forty years total dispensing and optical experience.   

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